We organize three types of activities for companies:

1. Team Building activities that aim to highlight the importance of teamwork by strengthening each team member as an individual and as a team player. Team Building activities focus on Communication, Team Spirit, Cooperation, Problem Solving, Leadership and other aspects that will help you build a strong and united team that have a direct impact on bottom line results of the business. Our Team Building actions are based on nature and adventure.
2. Experiential Learning initiatives that aim at allowing your classroom trained employees to practice what they have learned through outdoor and indoor Simulations, Cases, Exercises, Games, Mind Teasers, etc. Experiential Learning represents a natural completion of classroom training and allows you not only to measure how much your employees learned during the training, but also how much of what was learned will be transferred and practiced in the workplace. 
3. Company Outings generally allow colleagues and employees to have fun and relax outside the traditional work environment; they give employees the opportunity to better know each other in a stress-less atmosphere and to improve their communication skills. Company Outings may also be an option to reward managers and employees for a well-done job or an achieved objective.





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Program 1 : Experiential learning

Standard Experiential Learning activity is designed to focus on developing specific or multiple behavioral competencies within an 'Experiential Team Activity' context.
Example: Communication, Problem Solving, Time Management, Negotiation, or a blend of these competencies depending on the need of the client. 
Target audience: Corporate Team - Departmental Teams - NGOs - Schools - Sports Teams

Program 2 : Custom made suite

Custom Made Experiential Learning activities aim at developing targeted behavioral competencies of teams. 
Target audience: Corporate Team - Departmental Teams - NGOs - Schools - Sports Teams

Program 3 : Team Adventure

Standard Experiential Adventure is designed for teams from all backgrounds allowing them to go through an entertaining adventure involving physical and mental skills and trains them on cooperation and group dynamics as well. 
Target Audience: Corporate Team - Departmental Teams - NGOs - Schools - Sports Teams

Program 4 : Team track

A blend of standardized in-class and outdoor Team Building Training activities are designed to involve Innovative Experiential Learning through innovative techniques targeting specific competencies in the workplace. 
Target audience: Corporate Team - Departmental Teams - NGOs - Schools - Sports Teams

Program 5 : Inter departmental team building

An intense Inter-departmental Team Building Activity that trains teams of different departments - especially those who are involved in the same Value Chain - on how to work and cooperate together to achieve their Targets
Targeted Audience: Departmental teams

Program 6 : Ultimate boot camps

An Extreme Life Experience crafted to  test the limits of leaders' stamina and ability to lead within a highly stressful environment. It is an individually challenging learning experience that tempers both old and newly appointed managers in a company, within a relatively physically demanding set-up. 
Targeted Audience: Corporate Managers 

Program 7: Corporate outing

A general entertainment event designed to offer stimulating and fun activities for corporate gatherings on specific occasions.
Targeted Audience: Corporate Team - Departmental Teams - NGOs - Schools - Sports Teams
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